• Providing Exceptional Educational Services
  • IndusChamps, launched as a new generation School for children belonging to Generation Z, i.e., the children born after year 2000 was initiated with the mission to provide valuebased, contemporary and holistic education to students enabling them to become competent young citizens of our country.

    We strongly believe that schools are the foundations where the moulds are made. Fifteen long years of right schooling can transform a child into a confident, responsible and capable youth of tomorrow and we all as school, teachers and parents, are those privileged ones who work as a team towards this transformation.

    Infrastructure, Curriculum, teaching learning, and evaluation are the pillars of education and are all linked with a common thread of creativity and out of the box thinking. Our school aims to ensure that every child who enrolls at Indus Champs remains physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight which will ensure the child being able to withstand the pressure of a competitive environment they would be exposed to in their future.

    Our students are expected to live and abide by the core values of our school which are epitomized by the word ASPIRE that stands for Attitude, Self- discipline, Perseverance, Intelligence, Resourcefulness & Ethical.

    These Core Values, when inculcated in our students will serve as a differentiator for them from amongst the crowds.

    Our We CARE attitude towards the students helps to meet the needs of the students in terms of knowledge, improved communications, a refined and pleasing personality who can hold his / her own opinion strongly and make his / her presence felt while among peers or in society at large and equip the student to do well and soar to great heights in life.

    We opine that an ideal school system should be characterized by flexibility which makes it adaptable to changes.

    It should be a place….

    •      Where Learning is an integrated activity and encourages children to link it with their                        everyday lives in some way.
    •      Which promote thoughts that encourage creative thinking.
    •      Where learning builds capacity to create new knowledge.
    •      Where the “future” of the child should never take centre stage against the child’s “present”.

    I welcome you to IndusChamps School with best wishes & good luck.

    Dr Jai Singh