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  • Our IIEBM Heritage

    IIEBM was established in the year 2000 by Shrimant Vijaysinh Naik Nimbalkar Alias Shivajiraje, scion of the ruling family of Phaltan, District Satara and Col. Vinod Marwaha, a visionary, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

    Education in the pre-merger era in the State of Phaltan was provided by the Royal Family. His Highness Shrimant Madhojirao Naik Nimbalkar, the ruler of Phaltan State had established first  school in the year 1893.

    After the merger of erstwhile princely states with the mainstream Government, the staff of the State of Phaltan was transferred to the Government. This led to the establishment of the ‘Phaltan Education Society’ which was registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950 on 27 April 1953.

    Thereafter, ‘The Phaltan Education Society’ received strong support from Shrimant Vijaysinh Naik Nimbalkar, who was a firm believer in the cause of education and made it grow by leaps and bounds to its present status.

    As all Institutions of The Phaltan Education Society were based out of Phaltan, Shrimant Vijaysinh Naik Nimbalkar and Col Vinod Marwaha decided to establish IIEBM in Pune to afford students from Phaltan region and wards of defense families, a better corporate exposure and interaction, along with affordable, quality and value based Management education.

    Their dream bore fruit when the first batch graduated in the year 2002, and was successfully placed in Indian and multinational companies.

    Since then there has been no looking back, and IIEBM has grown to its present stature, and will continue to grow, as we continue to increase our competitiveness, both locally and nationally.

    Being an already established brand name in the world of Management studies and after having years of glory to our credit, for educating as well as guiding the students who wish to become Gen-Next Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, we stepped into the world of educating Little Champs who walk into this world with curious eyes and inquisitive minds and wish to win the world, So, with the establishment of IndusChamps School in December 2014, we pledged to create and provide an environment that is congenial for positive learning and enriching experiences for our young learners.