• Providing Exceptional Educational Services
  • Our Faculty

    Teaching is full of many responsibilities, roles, and challenges. Like most worthwhile endeavors, it brings both challenges and rewards.

    • Engage in one-to-one interactions with children.
    • Get on the child’s level for face-to-face interactions.
    • Use a pleasant, calm voice and simple language.
    • Follow the child’s lead and interest during play.
    • Help children understand classroom expectations.
    • Redirect children when they engage in challenging behavior.
    • Listen to children and encourage them to listen to others.
    • Acknowledge children for their accomplishments and efforts.

    Being a teacher, one needs to be willing to wear many hats, act as a guide who leads the children down the un-trodden paths, walks beside them on a journey, and not in front and keeps them safe from harm.

    Our Teachers are trained to take challenges and find new experiences to share with children. They are partners with children in learning and encourage them to find their own answers instead of providing the answers for them.

    By facilitating learning, supplying a developmentally appropriate environment, interesting materials, and adequate time to explore, play, and interact, children find learning easy and fun! Listening carefully to the children helps teachers to determine a child’s needs and aids in their development.

    To nurture is to nourish. Nurturing a child encompasses all aspects of development: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.