• Providing Exceptional Educational Services
  • Primary Education: Teaching Methodology

    Preparing today’s students for tomorrow…….

    It might seem unrealistic now, but in the not-too-distant future positions like this will be a reality. We wish partnering with parents to ensure every child is prepared for the future.

    The Primary school is an important chapter in every child’s education. The transition from Pre Primary to Primary Education is a phase of major transformation where the child needs to adjust to the increased hours of schooling and routine. Many children take to it easily whereas others need time to adjust to the same. So we aim at making children accustomed to this transition smoothly and gradually.

    It is important to remember that each child is different; some may find parts of their learning program more challenging than others.

    In these years your child will develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between school, home and the world outside their local community. Your child is now becoming more capable of concentrating on tasks for longer periods of time.

    Your child will be supported to ensure their primary school years are positive, challenging and improve their confidence about themselves, their learning and their interactions with others. This is a time when school strives in providing opportunities for students to take responsibility for their learning and demonstrate their independence.